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Medical Service
We committed to the provision of quality Patient Centered Care and best practice, through the delivery of services.
A well-equipped pharmacy for all your pharmaceutical, appliance and cosmeceutical needs. Come and meet our friendly staff.
Wide range of laboratory services are available. Laboratory provide highly accurate and affordable investigation service for investigative needs.
Meet our internationally experienced and internationally trained physiotherapists who would help in alleviating your pain.

How we do

Welcome to Impulse Health Care Center

Impulse Health is a patient-centric primary healthcare provider focusing on high quality medical care. The Impulse Health care services intend to provide our patients with a holistic approach thereby ensuring high patient satisfaction.
The Services available
  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • E - Channeling Service

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Impulse Physiotherapy notice

Please note that the Impulse Physiotherapy unit will be closed during the curfew hours

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